Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Barry M Nail paint and instant nail effects polish Review!

So Today i picked up 2 new nail polish's in Boots!
They are Barry M's nail paints and instant nail effects polish!
The nail paint its self is beautiful! Very pigmented, not sticky, easy to apply and the colours are fabulous!! I bought 294 Cyan Blue 118

Which is this awesome blue shade here! and its looks fabulous on the nails!!! I have had my nails painted for about 2 hours now, but i have been shopping, carrying bags and a 24 can tray of coke which i kept catching my fingers in and it still hasnt chipped ( i know to allot of you thats not really that great but i always chip my nail polish in like the first 5 mins :D )

And then the Nail effects polish i got was 311 nail effects 123 in Black!

 and you apply this over any colour or even your own nail and it starts to crack to make a really cool effect!! I will show your my nails now! The pictures below are only after been taken!

Watch my video review for a quick demo of how it works!!

Polish prices - Cyan Blue nail paint €4.50 in Boots
Black nail effects polish €5.95 in Boots!

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