Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Gel eyeliner from Maybelline review

So a short while back this gel liner was reccommended by the AMAZING Michelle Anderson!!/pages/Michelle-Anderson-Makeup/282228579318

And then about 2 weeks ago it was also recommended by the extremely talented Marie Viktoria!/pages/Marie-Viktoria-Make-Up/162027853833667

So i decided to pick it up and try it out and all i can say is WOW this gel eyeliner is FANTASTIC!
Its €7.99 in boots atm but it is normal only €10.99 and thats a BARGAIN!

Both Michelle and Marie said it is better than M.A.C and i have to agree! It comes with a little eyeliner brush to apply it and the brush is lovely! The gel liner glides on smoothly, its very creamy ,its extremely black and it is extremely long lasting!! It says 24hour on the box and its right, ( i even used it on my hand, washed , my hands , used my hands for eating etc and even went to sleep with it on my hand, and when i woke up it was still in the shape i drew it in and barely faded!

I highly recommend this product to everyone, its easier than a liquid liner to use, its longer lasting than pencil liners and its beautiful!! The brush it comes with makes it very easy to do winged/cat wing shapes which allot of people find difficult!

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