Saturday, 8 October 2011

Inglot Launch in Blanchards town

Today i headed to Blanch for the Inglot Launch, Needless to say there was a MASSIVE queue outside the doors, people of all ages just dying to get in.

There was a goody bag for the first 50 people in the door, and sadly i was number 58 i think , so i missed out of the goody bag but i did receive a voucher for a complimentary make over which it awesome :D

So the shop is just beautiful, the set up is amazing and its easy to get around (except for today because it was PACKED) I honestly couldnt move without bumping into about 5 people at a time!

So for those of you who do not know what Inglot is, Inglot is a Polish makeup brand and has been around for just over 25years. It was created by the Inglot family , Mr.Inglot,  a Pharmacist set out to have have products at affordable prices but using only high quality ingredients. There are over 300 stores world wide, and also ( My favorite part ) THEY DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS!

Now what i ADORE about Inglot is their freedom system.
The freedom system is a selection of palettes starting from 2 slots and going up.
You then choose your shades of eyeshadows , lipsticks , brow wax's etc.

For example i today picked up a 5 palette and chose my 5 eyeshadow shades

Shades (left to right ) : 318 , 371 , 320 , 51 and 331

They are super pigmented! And their range of shades is amazing, i was honestly there for half an hour deciding what to get!

For the palette and the 5 shadows is was only €30!
That is AMAZING value for such fantastic products!

So i also created a quick look with my palette today!
Here it is!

I would highly recommend finding out where your closest Inglot store is, and go have a look!

Thanks for reading ^_^